Hire a unique outdoor cinema experience in the park?

Outdoor cinema’s are great way to bring the community together. The experience is practical, unique and affordable. The movies you choose can be suited to children, adults or family friendly that set the scene for a romantic, scary, adventurous or funny film! We create an instant cinema experience in a park, by the pool, courtyard or deck. We can supply and show the film – and pack up afterward. Enjoy a great night out with the community, friends and family.

Big TV screen rental for park or event.

We can provide a full range of outdoor screen, projector equipment for day or night event and for any size audience.

We can also screen live events, even during daylight hours, using high visibility LED screens for the outdoors or plasma panels for events screened indoors. Screen rugby internationals, the next summer’s test cricket, or other major televised event to your audience. Perfect for corporate functions!

Choosing the right package to suit your audience.

Choosing the right size screen means more comfortable viewing and greater guest satisfaction. We offer a full range of inflatable screens to suit all audiences, just ask us for our advice!

Outdoor cinema screen hire

Most outdoor movie have the audience bring a rug or portable chairs. We also allow for this by considering audience comfort when we recommend an appropriate screen size to customers.

Inflatable Outdoor Cinema Screen Sizes:

  • 3 x 2mtrs for audiences up to 50 people
  • 4 x 2.5mtrs for audiences between 50 – 200 people
  • 5 x 3mtrs for audiences between 200 – 400 people
  • 6 x 3.5mtrs for audiences between 400 – 600 people
  • 8 x 5mtrs for audiences between 600 – 1000 people
  • 10 x 6mtrs for audiences up to 3500 people
  • 12 x 7mtrs for audiences up to 5000 people

We want to ensure your outdoor event is seamless. You can concentrate on fundraising or corporate relations or just having a good time with your guests.

Make your event a standout this year with the dramatic impact of inflatable outdoor cinema under the stars.

Community and corporate packages can be branded to suit your needs. Simply ask our staff for ideas.

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